---Young Adult Ministry



Our Vision

We grow best in close relationships with other believers who are sincerely committed to Jesus and each other. We believe we should be ready to demonstrate Gods love for others. This includes in our neighborhoods, our workplace, reaching out to our community.


Life Group

Our Young Adult Life Group is the backbone of this ministry. Our life group meets Thursday nights at 7:30pm at the Downtown Campus in Room 107! All young adults are welcome to join! For more information please contact one of our leaders! You can reach Tim Sorenson at 541-659-5576 or Austin Abbott at 541-441-6154.



Worship Services

In our ministry, we push young adults to be and be involved in weekend services. We believe there is power in corporate worship. Our church gathers at three different campuses each weekend to worship and praise God, as well as to be inspired and instructed by His Word. View our service schedules.



Serving Opportunities

Ministries target the many needs of our church and community, including, children, students, men, and women. Young adults serve in every area of the church, inside and out. We encourage you to get involved in order to get the skills, tools and the direction to live for God. Please Contact Dan Horst for more information on serving.
Contact Dan Horst for more information on this ministry.