Why Do You Serve God?




Why Do You Serve God?

by Pastor Doug
“All these years I have been slaving for you and never disobeyed your orders.” Luke 15:29
Have you ever met a sour-faced servant of God? Were you ever one? As a pastor, I am extremely blessed by the abundance of joyful volunteers and servants who appear to serve out of an overflow of love for God. This is wonderful, but it does not mean we never need to check our motives for serving.

If our perception of God is a few bubbles off we can easily misread Him when frustration lands on our lap and find ourselves saying just what the older brother here said to the father when his prodigal brother came home. Suddenly the truth about our service comes out and with it a pharisaical view of God.

“To a Pharisee, the service of God was a bondage which he did not love but from which he could not escape without a loss too great to bear. The God of the Pharisee was not a God easy to live with, so his religion became grim and hard and loveless.” A.W.Tozer.

I think it is important to learn to pay attention to some of the indicators that will keep you from having a service for God that is grim and hard and loveless. Here are a few of the warning lights on the dash for me: 1) I find myself complaining about those I serve, 2) I’m not laughing as much as I used to, and 3) I have difficulty entering into worship.
Here’s what I do if these lights are flashing. 1) I offer up to God each act of service. “Lord, out of love for you I did this. May it be an acceptable offering to you.” 2) I meet with God in quietness and make sure there isn’t anything between Him and me. 3) I become more faithful in praying for those I serve.

One of the things that make our faith attractive to our children and extended family and friends is to serve God and others out of an overflow of love to God.
Pastor Doug