Spring Will Come

“…you made both summer and winter.” Psalm 74:17
It was a meeting I dreaded, but was required to attend. There were about 35 others in the room, all with long faces. There was a tangible heaviness in the room. All of our marriages had ended. “I’m here to represent you, Lord,” I prayed quietly as I panned the room. As we discussed the cycle of grief, the moderator asked if anyone had moved on to the place of acceptance, and I was one of the few who raised a hand. When asked how I got there, I said, “I trust God. Though He has led me through a long cold winter season, I know this is not the end of my story for he is the God of the summer and winter, and after winter comes spring. Spring always follows winter.” I heard a few sighs and it was if a ray of light entered that room and the heaviness was gone. A few caught up with me at a break to say ‘thanks.’
Most years, by late January I am longing for spring. It is not that I hate winter, I just love spring. When the first crocuses appear, hope has a visual aid and I become a little less of a grouch.
In the plant world, winter is extremely necessary to bring about fruit in the summer. Without winter, bugs and diseases would increase unchecked and there would be less fruit come summer. In the spiritual realm, where it left up to us, we would probably leave winter out. Our self-analysis would conclude that we are producing sufficient fruit and, besides, we grow a lot more in the spring and summer, don’t we? Who needs a winter season or a long wilderness experience?
Well, we all do. Can you submit to the unseen hand at work when it seems you are frozen in your tracks? This is a very important time in your walk with God. Can you trust Him? Or will you act independently of him and make your way through the darkness and uncertainty that comes with the winter season? All it does is prolong it or assure that you will come out largely unchanged once the weather changes.
Is there someone you know who needs to be reminded that spring follows winter?
Pastor Doug