May 2019

A Thursday Night Service!?

Tune in as Natalie and Tim talk details about our Thursday night midweek service kicking off May 16th!

March 2019

Kim’s Story: Anorexia > The Disease of Denial

Listen in as Kim testifies to the Lord helping her overcome an eating disorder – one she calls “The Disease of Denial”. Kim delves into how her anorexia developed at a young age as she coped with a traumatic childhood, her denial, and ultimately her path to recovery. Kim also shares how to walk with […]

February 2019

Sarah’s Story: The Power of Pain

Sarah Kostrna shares about a life-threatening car accident six years ago, resulting in a miraculous healing process. 

Teresa’s Story: When John 4 Wrecked Me

Listen in as God uses scripture to transform Teresa’s life of numbness and pain into a life of healing and joy.

January 2019

Stories: Frank and the Matz Army

Frank Matz – one of our Murphy Campus Pastors, shares his story involving a challenging childhood, teenage parenthood, joining the Air Force, church-planting, and raising a large family.

December 2018

Shawn & Lynn’s Story: From Teenage Parents To A Christ-Centered Marriage

Shawn and Lynn Kremer share their story of Christ’s healing amidst loss, suffering, abuse, doubt, and a trying marriage. This touching story advocates the power of church community and prayer.

November 2018

Sharron’s Story: From Home To Home

Sharron Cunningham proclaims the incredible faithfulness of the Lord amidst a lifetime of rollercoasters. 

Myrna’s Story: God’s Unconditional Love Through One Thousand Storms

80 year-old Myrna shares an incredibly intense and moving story of Christ’s grace and healing through alcoholism, family crisis, brokenness, and heartbreak.

October 2018

Stories: Secrets And Healing

Kathy shares an intense story of Christ’s redeeming, healing work in the midst of her sin, guilt, shame.

Stories: The News That Rocked Tim Sorenson’s World

Tim Sorenson shares an unforgettable story of finding out some news that rocked his world when he was a teenager.