March 2019

Doug’s Story: Meeting Christ (and the Redwood Campus Merge)

How did Pastor Doug meet Christ? How did he and his wife find themselves at River Valley? How did the Redwood Campus come to be? Tune in here!

Game-Changer | Downtown Campus

Bread, Blood & BBQ: Passover | Redwood Campus

Passover | Murphy Campus

Pastor Tyler’s Musings: When You Don’t Like the Sermon Or Speaker

We’ve all been there. Listen to these five helpful tips Pastor Tyler shares when we find ourselves not jiving with the sermon or speaker.

Call the Cardiologist: Hard Hearts | Redwood Campus

A Plague of the Heart | Murphy Campus

Pharaoh Runs Out of Time | Downtown Campus

Brandon’s Story: How River Valley Raised Me

Brandon Warner shares an incredible story of growing up inside the ministries here at River Valley. 

Battle of the Gods | Murphy Campus