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May 2019

A Thursday Night Service!?

Tune in as Natalie and Tim talk details about our Thursday night midweek service kicking off May 16th!

April 2019

Stacie’s Story: Women’s Retreat 2019

Tune in as Stacie shares her powerful story at our 2019 RVC Women’s Retreat over in Bandon, OR. 

Eric’s Story: Wrestling With Doubt

Tune in to Eric Swan’s story as he shares God’s steady and constant victory over seasons of doubt and fear in his life.

March 2019

Kim’s Story: Anorexia > The Disease of Denial

Listen in as Kim testifies to the Lord helping her overcome an eating disorder – one she calls “The Disease of Denial”. Kim delves into how her anorexia developed at a young age as she coped with a traumatic childhood, her denial, and ultimately her path to recovery. Kim also shares how to walk with those struggling. A must-listen-to episode!

Doug’s Story: Meeting Christ (and the Redwood Campus Merge)

How did Pastor Doug meet Christ? How did he and his wife find themselves at River Valley? How did the Redwood Campus come to be? Tune in here!

Pastor Tyler’s Musings: When You Don’t Like the Sermon Or Speaker

We’ve all been there. Listen to these five helpful tips Pastor Tyler shares when we find ourselves not jiving with the sermon or speaker.

Brandon’s Story: How River Valley Raised Me

Brandon Warner shares an incredible story of growing up inside the ministries here at River Valley. 

February 2019

Tyler and Austin Discuss the Benefits and Challenges of Dating

To date or not to date? Tyler Goens & Austin Abbott discuss the dangers and benefits of dating.

Sarah’s Story: The Power of Pain

Sarah Kostrna shares about a life-threatening car accident six years ago, resulting in a miraculous healing process. 

Pastor Tyler’s Musings: Why Read?

Pastor Tyler shares with us how reading develops perseverance, focus, increases brain activity, perspective, and ultimately allows us to know God better.