---Weddings & Receptions


Common Questions and Answers


When is the church facility available for weddings & receptions?

Wedding ceremonies may be held one of the Worship Center’s on Saturdays or Sundays (see specific times for each campus). For any other day or time you will need to submit a special request, which will be evaluated by the Campus Pastor and the Facility Manager.

Downtown Campus:

Saturdays 10am-2pm. Sundays 2pm-8pm

Redwood Campus:

Saturdays 10am-6pm. Sundays 2pm-8pm

How many people can the Worship Center hold?

Downtown Campus:

Up to 600 people

Redwood Campus: 

250 inside, 400 outside

Who will officiate the wedding?

Weddings held at River Valley must include a member of our pastoral staff.

How do I schedule a wedding?

Contact the church office with the date and time of your request for the wedding. Upon confirmation of the date, you may then download premarital information form, which will need to be filled out and mailed back or brought into the church with the appropriate deposit. A Pastor will contact you shortly thereafter. Note: Weddings for the upcoming calendar year may be scheduled beginning in January.

What premarital counseling is required?

River Valley requires two forms of counseling. The first is going through a DVD series entitled “Love & Respect”. This may be accomplished by attending a class, attending a Life Group who is using this material, attending a “Love & Respect” conference or meeting with your mentoring couple to view and discuss. This can take anywhere from three days (conference) to six weeks (Specialty Life Groups). The cost to attend varies depending on the venue chosen. The second requirement is taking a premarital survey (Prepare/Enrich) and then discussing the results with a trained mentor couple. This usually takes a minimum of two months (from taking the survey to completing the required sessions). The cost for the survey is $35 per couple.

What is the cost to use a River Valley facility?

The fees for the facility and suggested honorarium for a pastor, sound technician, etc. are included in the information packet that you can pick up from the church office.

What are the facilities like?

Downtown Campus:

The Downtown Worship Center can accommodate 600 guests and includes padded seats, a wide stage and an excellent sound and lighting system. There is a center aisle which measures 60 feet from the doors to the platform, if you would like to use a runner. For your use, we offer: 8′ round tables, 8′ rectangle tables, large and small rooms attached to the Worship Center for your private use, a dressing room with bridal mirror, a full service coffee shop, a commercial size kitchen.

Redwood Campus:

Redwood has both indoor and outdoor venues that would facilitate a wedding. The indoor Worship Center can seat up to 250 and has a stage and quality sound. There is a room that can serve as a bridal room and a few rooms for the groomsmen to choose from. The sanctuary could be quickly converted to a reception hall following the wedding ceremony. The outdoor venue is a park-like setting behind the church with a large stage and quality sound equipment available. The church could provide up to 100 white plastic chairs and the area could easily seat up to 400 people. A reception for about 100-150 could be held outside under good conditions. This campus also has a kitchen with 2 stoves and ovens, refrigerator and freezer space.

What decorations may I use?

One of the requirements for using the River Valley facilities is the service of a Wedding Coordinator. She will be more than happy to discuss with you the policies and options concerning decorations that you may use in the Worship Center and other areas of our facility. She will contact you after your wedding request has been received and approved.

What video/audio options are available for wedding and reception services?

River Valley can provide Video Production Services, including, but not limited to the following:
Creation of a slide show presentation from pictures and videos provided by the families. Pictures should be .jpg format and on a thumb drive or on a CD (copies of photos only, do not give us your originals). Slide show assets need to be saved as .mp4 or .m4v. Audio assets need to be saved as MPEG 3s. Media assets need be submitted and approved 72 hours in advance of the event. 
Web streaming of the event (scheduled in advance and for a nominal fee) so that out of town family members may view the event from a computer, anywhere there is internet access. 
Audio support for any size musical group. 
Piano (prior approval required), electric keyboard, and wireless hand held microphones. 
A complete Multi Media Support Team.