Snarled Soul

“The purposes of a man’s heart are deep waters but a man of understanding draws them out.” Proverbs 20:5
Oh, to be that man of understanding. If we are going to come alongside a perplexed and perhaps despairing brother or sister with a word of endurance, encouragement, or correction then it behooves us to understand that “only God can untangle all the snarls in a soul” (Corrie Ten Boom).
So a large part of our being a man of understanding is the knowledge that we are deeply dependent on God to supply what this thirsty soul needs. It could be that a well-timed verse worked for you and so you assume that it will work for the needy ones God sends your way. After someone pours out their heart you tell them the equivalent of, “Take these two verses and call me in the morning,” and then they may go away feeling as if no one understands them.
I consider it an honor to be trusted with a hard thing and it may be that the hard thing is a task I must perform. But I am finding that most often it is a person in need of someone to speak meaning into the chaos they are experiencing in their life. Who am I to do such a thing? But what I am– and what I hope to encourage you to be– is available.
There is a good chance that what you are confronted with is bigger than you are. Welcome to my world. Here’s what I do…“Trust in the Lord with all [my] heart and do not lean on [my] own understanding. In all [my] ways acknowledge him and he will make [my] path straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6.
Just by listening, allowing someone to share their burden with you and offering no more than a simple prayer asking God “to show them the path of victory through this difficulty,” you will bring some relief. But leave room in your encounter for God to speak through you to untangle some of the snarls in their soul.
Pastor Doug