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February 2019

Pastor Tyler’s Musings: Why Read?

Pastor Tyler shares with us how reading develops perseverance, focus, increases brain activity, perspective, and ultimately allows us to know God better.

Teresa’s Story: When John 4 Wrecked Me

Listen in as God uses scripture to transform Teresa’s life of numbness and pain into a life of healing and joy.

January 2019

Stories: Frank and the Matz Army

Frank Matz – one of our Murphy Campus Pastors, shares his story involving a challenging childhood, teenage parenthood, joining the Air Force, church-planting, and raising a large family.

Pastor Tyler’s Musings: Why Exodus?

Pastor Tyler shares why we as a church chose to tackle the Book of Exodus as our newest sermon series.

Pastor Tyler’s Musings: Wedding Vows & Taylor Swift

Pastor Tyler shares about one of his recent blogs called “Vowing Not To Vow” with Natalie Goens and Matt Combe.

Kerrie’s Story: Growing Up In A Cult

Kerrie Chamberlain shares with us her unique story of growing up inside a cult.

Josh’s Story: Projects With God

Josh Chamberlain shares with us the story of his childhood, teenage years, meeting his wife, and now leading his family of eight kids.

December 2018

Shawn & Lynn’s Story: From Teenage Parents To A Christ-Centered Marriage

Shawn and Lynn Kremer share their story of Christ’s healing amidst loss, suffering, abuse, doubt, and a trying marriage. This touching story advocates the power of church community and prayer.

Pastor Tyler’s Musings: Christmas Carols

Pastor Tyler opens up a conversation about Christmas Carols. Should they be sung in public schools? Are they controversial? Listen in!

Beth’s Story Pt. 2: The Gospel and the LGBT Community

Beth Plymale shares part two of her powerful story of God radically encountering her while growing up in the gay community of Portland, OR.