---Connect, Grow, Go 


Connect: Connecting with Jesus

Grow: Growing Together

Go: Going to Make Disciples


Church is meant to be more than a spectator sport. It is not about showing up on Sunday morning, enduring the service, tossing a buck into the offering basket, and heading out the door with a sigh of relief that we have done our duty. It is about being part of a family where people are living out authentic relationships with God, helping each other grow, and spreading the gospel to save the lost and glorify God.



Connecting is all about relationships… with God and one another. We connect with God through reading his Word, learning about Him, growing in our obedience to Him, and having an ongoing conversation with him through prayer.

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27



As your relationship grows with the Lord and he works in your life, you will need fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ to encourage you and help you persevere. These connections are made, and grow stronger, as you attend weekend services, participate in a Life Group, and serve the Lord. To help you grow, we have an abundance of ministries: Children’s Ministry, Student’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, and Men’s Ministry. We also offer Specialty Life Groups, The School of Ministry, and strongly encourage your participation in a Life Group.

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17



Following Christ is more than connecting and growing, it is about creating disciples who also connect, grow, and “go”. We believe we are called to reach out to our church family, our community, and the world with the love of Christ. 
We should be ready to demonstrate Gods love for others through compassion and acts of service… in our neighborhoods, our workplace, reaching out in our community (Local Missions) and keeping a global perspective (Global Missions). These tangible expressions of God’s love are seen in those who roll up their sleeves and serve. 
As important as that is, Jesus calls us to “go and make disciples”. Life Groups are one of the best places we can build the relationships where disciples can grow and multiply.