---Additional DMG Questions 


Additional List A

  1. Is there anything in my life that I am more preoccupied with, or a passionate about, than God?
  2. How has the Holy Spirit shown me that I am God’s child? How have I been conscious of a growing heart for God and hatred of sin, revealing more of the purity of God’s holiness, the evilness of sin, and the preciousness of the imputed righteousness of Christ. (The righteousness God has freely given me so that He sees me as holy.)
  3. Do I find myself less critical, and less judgmental toward other Christians who have erred, or have been difficult to love? Have I been cold toward anyone?
  4. Is my conscience growing more tender to convict me of the first thoughts of sin, such as the onset of resentment, anger, lust, worry, pride, jealousy, power, approval or material comfort, or an over concern for my reputation? Am I becoming more aware and convicted of the sins of the tongue, such as cutting remarks, rambling without listening, deception, half-truths, gossip, slander, careless words, or inappropriate humor?
  5. Do I see signs of growth in the fruit of the Spirit? Give an example of how you responded in a new way with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, or self-control?
  6. Am I starting to discern false, idolatrous motives for some of the good service I do? Am I seeing that many things I thought I did for God, I was actually doing for other reasons? Am I starting to see areas in my life where I have resisted God’s will?
  7. Am I seeing new ways to be a better steward of my God-given time, talents, relationships, money, and possessions?
  8. Am I having seasons of the sweet delight that the Spirit brings? Am I finding certain promises extremely precious? Am I receiving answers to prayers? Am I getting times of refreshing from reading/hearing God’s word and talking/listening to Him in prayer? Am I making it a daily habit to pray and be in His word?

Additional List B

  1. Have you been faithful in the Word this week? Share how the Spirit challenged you from your time in the Word.(specific plan?)
  2. How was your prayer life in the past week? (Setting aside prayer time? Praying always?) What answers to prayer have you recognized lately? (specific plan?)
  3.   Share how the Holy Spirit has been leading, empowering, and speaking to you this week. Share an example of how you heard from Him and how you responded. (specific plan?) 
  4. The Holy Spirit lives inside us. In what areas have you been most tempted lately? What needs to be cleaned out to give Him full access (impurity, dishonesty, unwholesome talk, apathy, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, etc.)? How will you turn to Jesus to fill you completely? (specific plan?) 
  5.   What healing needs to take place in God’s loving arms? How is God using your pain and circumstances to draw you to Him and to reach out to others? Are you living in peace with all others in your family, at work and socially? (specific plan?)
  6. Describe your current level of passion to share Christ. Are you intentionally using the Bridges Brochure for building relationships with the unchurched? What unsaved or undiscipled person(s) are you praying for? Interacting with? Inviting to Life Group? (specific plan?)
  7. How are you specifically using the gifts God has given you to serve Him and others…workplace, Life Group, church, community? How have you been faithful in giving of your time, talents and tithe/treasures to the Lord? Share how serving is helping you grow. (specific plan?)
  8. Share how you are serving at home. Husbands/Fathers: How have you led your family this week as “pastor” of your family? Wives/Mothers: How have you helped lead and build your family this week? Singles: How have you been positively relating to your family? (specific plan?)